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FIRE Certificate

Fire Certificate Application

All designated premises and building projects in Singapore require a fire safety certificate. This certificate is obtained by adhering to a set of guidelines set by the Singaporean Fire Safety Act in order to get the necessary FSSD submission approval.

This certificate is required as long as a building project falls under the criteria of the Singapore Fire Safety Act. This certificate will permit the building owner to install the necessary fire protection facilities.

Our Fire Certificate Application Services​

Allow our team of professionals to handle your fire certificate application for you from start to finish. Once completed, SCDF will make an appointment for an inspection of the project premises if required.

From applications to renewals, we do it all. Talk to us today to have your project streamlined!

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Sit back, relax. Our team handles the paperwork needed.

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Our professionals work diligently with SCDF to ensure a smooth process.

Fuss-Free Results​

With our done-for-you process, we ensure that your project is given the go-ahead from SCDF.

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The standard requirements for FSSD approval tend to change frequently. If you’re confused on the documents required for approval, we’ve got your back.

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The Fire Safety and Shelter Department, or FSSD, requires industrial building owners, business owners and their offices to submit an application for a fire safety certificate before going ahead with their fire safety works.

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